Respite Retreats

The SNUG (Special Needs Unlimited Group) program provides retreats for families caring for a child with a rare health condition.

Coordinated through the Family Action Centre at The University of Newcastle and funded by the Steve Waugh Foundation, SNUG combines a family holiday with coordinated medical support, aiming to help  families by providing better access to medical care and creating support networks.

Hosted at least 4 times a year, the program provides:

  • Coordinated access to specialist medical, health, dental, neurological and other vital care often not available in rural communities.
  • Access to recreational facilities for the whole family.
  • A team of trained volunteers to assist families during their stay.
  • Activities for families to get to know each other so that enduring support networks can be formed between families with children who have similar disabilities.
  • A program of organised fun activities for special needs children and their siblings, including swimming, tennis, canoeing and more.
  • Information to improve knowledge of, access to, and use of, disability services as well as assistance with family coping skills.

"The camp was fantastic. We connected with others who knew exactly what were talking about. We feel we no have lots of support behind us. We walked into the room at the start knowing one family and went home feeling like we had a while new group of friends, which means the world to us." Ellen, Craig & Jacob (4yo) from QLD.

For more information, please visit the SNUG website.