How to Apply 

1. Complete the online form under Grants - APPLY

2. Documentation Required

Once disease rarity is confirmed we will email you (please check your junk email folder) requesting you send:

a. Evidence of citizenship or residency,

b. A quote for the product or service being requested; and

c. Tax returns and payslips for all income earners in the household. 


3. Medical Specialist Recommendation

We will email your Medical Specialist (not GP or therapist) requesting their endorsement of the requested item or service. To ensure the best chance of grant approval please make sure they are aware of your grant application as grant approval cannot occur without this.

4. Grant Assessment

Once you have provided the required information your application will be assessed and presented to our committees for consideration. 

5. Outcome Notification

Total time frame from application to approval is up to 12 weeks however we aim to approve quickly.