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1. Please read the Guidelines for Funding. This clarifies who we fund and what we fund and will save you time in applying. 

2. Check rare disease prevalence on Orpha.net and enter this in the online application form.

3. Ensure the product or service is something we fund. 

4. Obtain at least one current, written quote for the product or service, from an Australian Supplier in Australian Dollars.

5. Inform your Medical Specialist (not a General Practitioner or Therapist) that you are applying for a Grant as you will need their written support that the disease is rare and the product or service will assist you in managing. 

6. Gather birth certificate, citizenship/residency (passport, colour copy of Medicare Card, birth certificate), product/service quote, tax return, NDIS information (including approval/decline reason) and pay evidence for all income earners in your household. All supporting documentation must be submitted prior to the close of the Grant Round.

7. Allow yourself enough time to complete the form in one sitting as it does not save. 

Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

Telephone: 1300 66 99 35 
Email: grants@stevewaughfoundation.com.au