Everyday Heroes

We are only as good as the team around us, from our partners to our office staff, the team that turns the wheels. Yet every now and then, there are others that put their hands up to lend their support, no attention required, no questions asked. 

These are our Everyday Heroes:

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Basil Sellers AM, Patron First XI

Basil Sellers AM is a passionate and avid champion of Steve Waugh AO, and the Steve Waugh Foundation.  

A Patron from our first days, Basil has also been the rare champion behind supporting the Foundation’s vision of a coordinated national approach to World Rare Disease Day in Australia – held on the last day of February every year.

With Basil’s help we have been able to raise the profile of World Rare Disease Day, support media campaigns, marketing & promotional materials, Rare Disease Day events, and more recently our Foundation Rare Stars event.

In February 2011, for the first time in Australia, 8 major organisations supporting rare diseases were brought together by the Steve Waugh Foundation for a media call and morning tea at the Sydney Opera House to draw attention to those living with rare diseases.

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Jack Atley

Official Volunteer Photographer since 2004

Jack's professional contribution to capture and share the story of the Foundation speaks for itself - each image telling a story about the very people we support.

Jack’s career is crowded with prestigious International and National awards and accolades, including for his photo of Steve Waugh with 3-year-old grant recipient Sarah, taken on World Rare Disease Day 2011 backstage at the Sydney Opera House. This image won Jack the the Open Section First Place in the world’s richest photographic award - The Moran Prize.

In 2010 Jack was awarded the Steve Waugh Foundation ‘Volunteer of the Year Award’ - an honour he says he cherishes above all else. 

Many of the photographs through the Foundation’s collateral are courtesy of Jack. www.jackatley.com 

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Kerry & Gary Johnson, Patrons First XI

Patrons Gary & Kerry Johnston are big hearted, valued, long-time supporters of the Foundation.

Generous contributors to our major bi-annual fundraising event, Forever Green and other major fundraising events, they continue to host guests at our events and introduce numerous business colleagues, associates, family and friends to the Foundation, those we help, and who help us.

Kerry Johnston is a dedicated supporter of our annual Rare Stars Day and continues to host a number of her own special events to raise significant funds for the Foundation

In 2010 Kerry was awarded The Steve Waugh Foundation ‘Fundraiser of the Year Award’.

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Duncan Kerr

Volunteer since Day 1.

Is there anything this man cannot do?

Duncan Kerr has been a volunteer of the Steve Waugh Foundation since its inception in 2005. The first to put his hand up to help out, Duncan has been at almost every Foundation event, including our Forever Green dinners and Rare Star Day. 

A paramedic by day, Duncan's support at events and assistance with our kids is immeasurable - he is equally capable liaising with our corporate partners as he is with meeting the special needs of our kids at our events.

Duncan is a true all-rounder and a valued member of Team Waugh.

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Jock & Melissa Campbell

Volunteers since 2007.

Jock Campbell and Steve Waugh go way back, starting when Jock was Steve's personal trainer while with the NSW Cricket Team, then as Strength & Conditioning coach with the Australian Cricket Team during Steve's tenure as Captain. 

Together, Jock and his wife Melissa have volunteered at all our Forever Green events, Rare Star day, as well take part in the City 2 Surf, with Jock designing running programs for Team Waugh made available through the Foundation's website. 

More recently, Melissa has been involved in supporting the Foundation with their social media strategy, including supporting the relaunch of the 'All We Ask' Campaign ahead of World Rare Disease day in 2015. 

"To see how Steve & Lynette engage with every one of their grant recipients with so much interest and compassion is inspiring and so genuine. We are so proud to be part of Team Waugh - even though Steve's a massive nerd and Lynette does all the work!" 

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Elaine Lim

Team Waugh Volunteer & Supporter since 2009

Elaine Lim is one of our longest serving volunteers and community fundraisers, choosing the Foundation as her chosen cause. 

This year, Elaine will run for 'Team Waugh' in the City 2 Surf  for the 7th year in a row. To date, she has single-handedly raised almost $20,000 for the Foundation.

"My heart goes out to all those young kids with rare diseases and by being involved I feel I am contributing towards something life-changing."

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Annette Clarke

Annette Clarke has been a teacher and mentor to the three Waugh children and her nurturing role continues with her commitment and passion to the SWF.

Since 2009, Annette has volunteered her services to the SWF in various ways, including co-ordinating the Inaburra School Media Team, who have documented and filmed numerous SWF events. She has also performed many varied duties at SWF events and continues to lead from the front, fundraising herself each year at the City 2 Surf. 

"I just love the work that Steve & Lynette are doing to support this huge gap in the health industry. They are true champions for children with rare diseases and I could not be more proud to support them and the Foundation in the work they do."